Itineraries in Jesolo surroundings

Venice in a day

The Doge's Republic

Jesolo is the ideal starting point to visit Venice: you can reach Punta Sabbioni by bus or by car, and from there you can take the waterbus, which arrives near St. Mark's Square after a 30-minute journey. In Riva degli Schiavoni - where the ferry-boat stops - and in its surroundings you will admire the main monuments of the city: the Doge's Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, the Biblioteca Marciana, San Giorgio Island, the Church of Santa Maria della Salute and the St. Mark's Basilica of course, which can be visited inside as well.
Do not miss the chance to walk along this enchanting city, through the narrow alleys, the canals and around the beautiful ancient palaces, till you reach the Rialto Bridge, that jumps over the Grand Canal. A suggestive tour along this magnificent canal is highly recommended: seated on a gondola, you can admire the charming Venetian architecture from the bottom to the top. At lunch time you will have many options, for all tastes and budgets: try to go "Bacari", to pick at the traditional "Cicheti" or taste the famous dishes of the old Venetian inns .
In the afternoon you might visit a museum, e.g. Peggy Guggenheim, go shopping or have a small tour in gondola. The children will definitely not get bored. But time goes by so fast and in the late afternoon tourists usually go back, with their eyes full of emotions, thanks to the extraordinary richness of Venice both in art and in history and the wonderful landscape. After a half-an-hour journey, you will reach Punta Sabbioni, and from there you will come back to Jesolo.

Cortina and the Dolomites

From the sea to the mountains

After leaving Jesolo and crossing the historical town of Vittorio Veneto (scene of the last battles of the First World War), overpass Passo del Fadalto and take a rest along the bank of Lake Santa Croce. Go through Ponte Nelle Alpi and Longarone and discover the Cadore valley, rich in vegetation and beautiful landscapes. While coming closer to your destination, you will catch a sight of the most famous peaks of the Dolomites: Sorapis, Antelao, Pelmo and Cinque Torri. When you reach Cortina, you can take an excursion to the Faloria Mountain, thanks to the funicular railway. On top you will admire a wonderful panorama over Cortina and its surroundings: Tofane, Monte Cristallo and many other amazing peaks. On the way back make a stop by the Lake Misurina, one of the most suggestive alpine lakes in Italy (just 30 minutes from Cortina). Then the time has come to return to Jesolo.

Islands in the Venetian lagoon

Venice is worldwide known as a beautiful city of art, embellished with wonderful views created by the canals that cross it.
However, just a few people have experienced the magic of sailing through the lagoon that bathes the city of the Doges and visiting its most important and peculiar islands:
Murano is located in the north-east of Venice, along the Marani canal. It consists of seven smaller islets divided by canals and rii, but connected to each other by bridges. Among the most important monuments, you can admire the church of Ss. Maria and Donato -built in Venetian-Byzantine style in the VII century and rebuilt in the XII century- and the church of St. Peter Martyr, erected in the XV-XVI century and housing paintings by Paolo Veronese and Giovanni Bellini. Murano is known worldwide for the production of blown glass.
Burano is an inhabited island in the Venice lagoon. It is known for its lace production, as well as for its typical bright colored houses. It is connected to Venice (through the twin island of Murano) thanks to a waterbus line that also connects it to Torcello and Treporti. Do not miss the chance to visit Mazzorbo: the solitary and delicate landscape with wide lagoon horizons, the beautiful Church of S. Caterina of the XIV century and the public park built in the old cemetery, surrounded by a historic wall.
Torcello is an island in the Venice lagoon, delimited in the south-west by the Burano canal and in the north-east by the Rosa and Centrega swamplands. It is one of the oldest human settlements in the area, having been founded between the V and VI centuries. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta was renovated in its current structure around year 1000. You can admire the so-called Attila's throne overlooking the basilica. The Devil's Bridge, located over the entry canal, keeps its original shape without any parapet.
For centuries this island has been interacting with San Francesco del Deserto and Burano on one side and Treporti and Punta Sabbioni on the other: it is a place where tourism is mainly local and non-invasive. After many years of state of abandon and neglect, the green island of vegetable gardens and vineyards recovers its most important monument: the Torre Massimiliana. The beach itself, i.e. the "bacàn", now enjoys the effects of the restoration that involved this part of the island.
Pellestrina is a thin barrier of over 11 kilometers, suspended between the sea and the lagoon and protected from the impetuosity of the waters by one of the most powerful shelter that the Serenissima was able to realize to save its city: the Murazzi. This artificial reef was built with blocks of Istrian stone for a stretch of about twenty kilometers, between those coasts that are the natural defense of the artistic, cultural and economic heritage of Venice.
Take up an evocative itinerary that starts from the terminal overlooking the great Bocca di Porto (that connects Venice to the sea) and gets to the vast lagoon horizons, through the ancient settlements of the Cavallino coast. After crossing Canale Pordelio, you will reach the town of Treporti, with its church having two characteristic bell towers. Proceed then along the banks of Valle Zanella, up to the small town Saccagnana, with the historic rural courtyard of the "Pra", surrounded by an elegant rustic house and the ancient church built by the first inhabitants of the island. The itinerary ends in Lio Piccolo, a lagoon landscape characterized by fishing valleys.

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